Welcome on the Video Section of the Andaman Website! The work of George has inspired me to go on exploring further indigenous tribes and I have been amazed by the variety of human cultures. So, the video section developed more and more, and I am pleased to present you an overview of indigenous cultures all over the world. You will find here many video-clips that documents how various groups of human beings have organized their life. Many of them have not gone beyond the stone-age hunting-gathering technologically, some practice shifting cultivation, others grow standard crops, still others raise cattle while some do many or even all of these things.

You will see how the Ona manufacture stone tools, how the Korowai build their tree-houses, how the Dani cultivate sweet potatoes. You will see the artistic wood-carving of the Asmat, the fishing-technique of the Onge, ancient dances, rites and ceremonies. You will see much diversity.

What you will also see in these videos is the threat that modern civilization poses to indigenous ways of life. So-called "primitive" cultures are deeply embedded in their natural habitat. If you participate in altering or destroying this delicate balance, you will eventually deprive these people of their life-supporting sustenance and contribute to their extinction.

The greatest threats for indigenous people are the transmission of diseases and the loss of their territory. The variety of modern human genome is - compared to animal species - greatly reduced. It seems that this trend is also spilling over into cultural levels, leading to ever-growing standardization of human cultures.

Inidgenous Tribes of India

Andaman Islands video clips
Sentineli, Jarawa, Onge,
Great Andamanese
Nicobar Island video clips

Jharkhand video clips
Adivasi people of Jharkhand
Andhra Pradesh video clips
Chenchu People


Himalaya video clips
Zanskar, Ladakh, Dolpo, Bhutan

Indigenous Tribes of Africa

Kalahari Desert video clips
San (Bushmen)
Central Africa video clips
Aka Pygmies

Yorubaland video clips

Indigenous Tribes of South-East Asia 

Malaysia video clips
Penan, Semai
Philippines video clips

China video clips
Mosuo Kingdom of Woman

Indigenous Tribes of Oceania

Papua Island video clips
Asmat, Korowai, Una, Dani, Yali, Sepik, Huli
Australia video clips
Australian Aborigines

Pentecost Island video clips
Bunlap tribe
New Caledonia video clips
Indigenous Traditions

New Zealand video clips
Maori war dance

Indigenous Tribes of South America

Amazon Rain Forest video clips
Piraha, Matis, Uncontacted tribe
Terra del Fuego video clips
Ona, Yaghan


The Homo sapiens lineage
From Australopithecus to Homo sapiens
The "other" humans
From Paranthropus boisei to
Homo neanderthalensis

The discovery of the "hobbits"
The discovery of the Palau Pygmies